It’s over to you recordings

Episode seven



Episode six




Episode five




This was the first online lecture I designed, not bad for my first attempt, then next one of course will be so much better


Teaching online (this was the first lecture I presented)


Episode four

Today we speak to Jules, and find out the differences between the response to homelessness in Scotland, and in England.


Episode three

In theĀ  third in the series I talk to Jo, and ex-rough sleep who has survived domestic violence, addiction, mental health issues, homelessness and now social distancing.

Episode two

In this, the second episode of It’s over to you’ I speak to Lisa, a GP clinical director from London. We talk about PPE, virus tracking and how some GP practices are managing to remain open for face to face surgeries.


Episode one (launch)

In this first episode of over to you we hear from Professor Aidan Halligan. Aidan sadly died in 2015 but his insight into people and relationships stand as true today as they were then.