Creating Conversations That Matter

We recognise that it is going to take more than just training or research if we are going make real change, we need look at ways of bringing people together in a more equal way. We need to create different kinds of relationships that are based on balance, where we can talk to each other as equals and make sense of our problems together, working on shared solutions.

Expert Focus wants to create a platform for real conversations to take place, so we have begun the process by asking a small set of questions:

  • Is it possible to build relationships which are based on a shared agenda?
  • What kind of conditions and environments do we need to create which will enable these relationships to blossom?
  • What does an organisation that builds collaborative relationships look like?
  • What formal structure shares the power and control equally between EbE’s, people and communities?


The truth is, at the moment we don’t have the answers; and these may not be perfect questions anyway.


We would like to join others who have similar questions and begin to build the types of relationships we think are needed. We think that by opening up new ways of being together, working together, to find solutions will have much better outcomes.

If you would like to join in these conversations, help set an agenda and be part of a bigger process, click here.