Creating Networks

There is no shortage of passionate, committed people with ‘lived experience’ engaged in sharing their knowledge, trying to change the world around us. They are scattered in services, some are in jobs, some are not. Some are active in teams while others struggle in isolation, engaged in trying to make our society a better place for the most excluded people.

And some, are still on the outside, looking in.

Is it possible to link up all that expertise, to form a cohort of people with ‘lived experience’ ready to respond together and support each other? Would a collective voice provide the challenge to the system which is needed to change it?

Expert Focus would like to begin building a comprehensive database of people with lived experience, sharing the wealth of knowledge, and beginning to share a vision.

We want to look at how institutions are built and question if the were built differently would it make a difference to outcomes. We would like to build a network which has true democracy at its heart and celebrates the uniqueness of the individual and not do a trade-in for a corporate type structure.


If you have lived experience of social exclusion, maybe you are a professional, a front-line worker or part of a community group, we want to hear from you. Come and share your experiences and let’s start to begin pulling the strings together and make it happen.

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