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Expert Focus have designed a number of different workshop sessions which aim to give a greater understanding of the issues faced by excluded groups. All of them have been jointly designed by people with lived experience and they will also be delivering them.

We feel that by having a more person centered approach to our workshop sessions we are able provide a greater understanding of the problems marginalised people face and we can then begin to support the real emotional connections which are needed to make a difference. When we began to piece together the different workshops we built in some practical things too.


In the workshop on landlords and tenants, we look at how improving the personal relationship between the two can often prevent some of the small issues becoming huge problems.

We use a case study (John.) John is a 45 year old man who had previously been a street drinker and had been supported into housing within the private sector. Although he had started drinking again he seemed to be managing well. John’s problems began with a letter from the benefits agency. John couldn’t read or write and as he had been managing his tenancy he hadn’t seen a support worker in three months, John had no one who could explain the letter to him and help him complete the form. As a result his benefit was sanctioned. This meant that his rent was not getting paid.

In this example the landlord is angry he wasn’t getting his rent and the tenant had buried his head in the sand. If there had been a better, more understanding relationship between the landlord and the tenant, this could have been avoided. The landlord could have paid John a visit, and because the relationship was build on trust, an emotional connection, it would have been possible for a conversation to take place regarding the letter and it could have been sorted out.

John eventually failed in his tenancy because of this and the landlord lost financially.

This is just one example of how the relationship between people can really work. It demonstrates that human connection is the key to improving outcomes. Structured systems which do not have this connection create a real barrier. The broken system tells the landlord that he has to be formal in his approach, he has to jump through legal hoops to find a resolution. The system tells John that he is alone, with no help, it gives John a ‘them and us mentality’.

Although this case study is real, it could just as easily have been with someone for who English wasn’t their first language, or someone experiencing mental health issues who was struggling to comply with the benefits agency and didn’t have an advocate to help them. It could be a young women who had escaped domestic violence and the letter hadn’t even reached her because she had spent the previous 6 months moving to 4 different addresses. All of our workshops are designed to look at a number of different challenges and shows how just making a little change in the way we think, can pay huge dividends.

Bespoke training

Expert Focus offers training designed for individuals and/or groups which makes use of existing training resources but is designed specifically around you and your needs. We will discuss your requirements and work up a method which ensures that you are provided with a high end product. Our trainers all have lived experience of social exclusion and deliver on point, every time.

we can cover a range of subjects including:

  1. Housing and landlord-tenant relationships
  2. Criminal justice system-21st century policing of an 18th century problem
  3. Healthcare in the mainstream-right to registration (this continues the fantastic work started by Pathway by taking it out in to mainstream surgeries) This workshop also includes practical work around the Homelessness Reduction Act (HRA) and duty to refer
  4. Employment and social integration; is your company employee ready?
  5. Navigating the benefits system-breaking the margin of poverty
  6. Nursing-identify and treating the invisible wounds
Project Evaluations & Peer Reviews

How well are you performing? We can arrange a peer review and service evaluation for your project. We will reach out to your clients by designing a target appropriate questionnaire which is then carried out by people with lived experience, you will be provided with a written document outlining feedback and suggestions based on that review.

Personalised & Group Support

If it is getting ready for an all important presentation, building a team of Experts by Experience to enhance your involvement process or some hand-holding during the finishing straight of a project, we can provide you with all the support you need.

Lectures, Presentations & Workshops

Whether you are looking for a lecture for your university, a workshop designed for your staff, or a presentation of your work delivered by your beneficiaries to the funders of your services, we can help you.

Surveys & Data Collection

Do you have questions which need to be answered? Are you interested in the impact your service is having or generating data as part of a needs assessment? Our trained and supported contractors will provide you with the solution.

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